One Mile Art Print

One Mile Art Print

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"One Mile" brings me back to summer days in Bidwell Park’s Sycamore Pool at One Mile, a river-fed public pool that my childhood memories are flush with. When I think of these kinds of places a sense of gathering comes instantly to mind, as this pool was a place of meeting for families and friends on long summer afternoons. One Mile truly was a fountainhead of joy for me growing up, enhanced entirely by the wild setting that framed it. After the 2018 Camp Fire that decimated my neighboring hometown of Paradise, CA, memories of places like One Mile have become bittersweet as “home” feels like something that lives only in the past, as idyllic and ephemeral as the river that feeds it.

The original (pictured in last listing image) was painted with acrylic, watercolor, and gouache on canvas.

*Shipping ~ art prints that are 11x14 or 16x20 will be mailed in a round circular tube.

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